BGIS 2024 Round 3: Synopsis and Teams Eligible for Round 4


Prithhis Bose


May, 21.2024

After the conclusion of Round 3, the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024 main event saw veteran and underdog teams win handily. 256 teams that advanced from Round 2 and The Grind competition squared off in Round 3 to secure a berth in Round 4. A total of 48 teams competed in the six matches that each group played; the top three teams from each group moved on to Round 4. Furthermore, the remaining teams' overall standings determined the top 16 teams, who were also eligible for Wildcard Entry. Round 4 of BGIS 2024 will have 64 teams in competition.

Overview of BGIS 2024 Round 3 

Chemin Esports was among the top scorers in the BGIS 2024 Round 3. It managed to score three chicken dinners and 99 points. The seasoned Carnival Gaming team performed admirably in every game, earning 75 points and two chicken dinners in the process. With one and two chicken meals, respectively, Team XSpark and WSB Gaming each scored 54 points, extending their winning streak in the competition.

Some of the teams that advanced from Round 3 of BGIS 2024 to Round 4 are as follows:

  • Vasista Esports
  • GlitchxReborn
  • New Version
  • FS Esports
  • WSB Gaming
  • Heros Gaming
  • Team XSpark
  • Carnival Gaming
  • Team Limra Esports
  • Inertia Esports
  • Chemin Esports
  • Dragon Claw

The following teams from The Grind made it to BGIS 2024's Round 4:

  • Team Aaru
  • Revenant Esports
  • PL Dominators
  • Team Forever
  • Blind Esports
  • iQOO Soul
  • K9 Sqaud
  • Hyderabad Hydras
  • Jux Esports
  • ESCN Esports
  • Team VST
  • Godlike Esports
  • Team UP50 Esports
  • RIP Mizo
  • Global Esports
  • Cratic Esports

Several seasoned teams, including Team XSpark, Orangutan, Team Zero, and Carnival Gaming, competed in Round 3. Even though they were eliminated from The Grind competition, some of these teams were able to qualify for Round 1 through in-game means. These groups will now play in Round 4. Two of the more experienced teams who were eliminated from the competition were Orangutan and Team Zero.