PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium's Top Open-World Games (May 2024)


Prithhis Bose


May, 21.2024

Sony debuted the new PlayStation Plus in June 2022. The program, which is divided into three tiers, gives users access to hundreds of games from PlayStation's past, including PS1 and PSP titles. In addition to lovingly preserving the brand's heritage, PS Plus offers games in most genres, including horror, platformers, role-playing games, and strategy. It should come as no surprise that PS Plus offers many of open-world games.

The majority of players should be well-served by PS Plus Extra and Premium, whether they're looking for a PlayStation exclusive or a third-party titan. It can be difficult to know where to begin with so many games available, and open-world projects are no exception. This genre is well-represented on PS Plus, with titles ranging from first-person shooters to role-playing and survival games. Thus, let's examine the top PS Plus open-world titles.

1. Red Dead Redemption 2- Red Dead Redemption 2, even without the Sony subscription service, is still one of the best open-world games available, even though it has been out for more than five years. Through their initiatives, Rockstar consistently pushes consoles to their boundaries, creating experiences that truly maximize the possibilities of the system. Not only is RDR2 not an anomaly, but it may be the developer's greatest accomplishment overall, both artistically and technically. The latter involves a personal story that ties thematically into the historical setting, emphasizing the consequences of defying change and the inescapable nature of evolution. The former is evident in the photorealistic graphics and vast world inspired by the late 19th century Wild West.

2. Ghost Of Tsushima: Director's Cut- Ghost of Tsushima, the PS4's farewell title as Sony's flagship system, throws players back to the 13th century as the Mongols attack Tsushima Island in Japan. After failing to halt the invasion and coming dangerously close to death, Jin Sakai sets out to find fighters who can assist change the course of the conflict. 

Whether playing on the PS4 or PS5, Ghost of Tsushima's open world is breathtaking. The island of Tsushima is opulent, diverse, and gorgeous. The expansion's locale, Iki Island, which is featured in the Director's Cut, is likewise comparable. Players may anticipate challenging combat with a samurai theme and enjoyable side missions including interesting NPCs on this map.

3. Horizon Forbidden West- After its release, Horizon Forbidden West was added to PS Plus Extra around a year later. In addition to being a significant acquisition for the platform, this news may provide some insight into Sony's intentions about first-party games and its subscription service. 

In the follow-up to Guerrilla Games, Aloy travels west and explores regions that were formerly a part of several states, including Nevada, California, and Utah. While improving on a few areas where Horizon Zero Dawn, which is also available on PS Plus Extra, excelled, Horizon Forbidden West keeps what made that game great. The open environment of the 2017 game is stunning and spectacular, but the sequel adds more intriguing side storylines and features. As a result, HFW's map seems a little more vibrant. The game features exciting battle sequences as Aloy faces off against both humans and machines. The latter is definitely the high point of the campaign.

4. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – Special Edition- When Skyrim debuted in 2011, it was an immediate hit, and throughout the past ten years, its popularity has not decreased. Because it supports mods, which have greatly extended the RPG's life, and has better graphics, the Special Edition is the only way to truly enjoy Bethesda's masterwork on consoles. 

The open-world of Skyrim is almost perfect since it invites exploration and learning. The game's immersive settings, customizable features, and character development make up for its flawed core plot. Skyrim remains a major game even after all these years, and having it on PS Plus Extra gives the service a far more polished appearance.

5. Grand Theft Auto 5 & GTA Online - Grand Theft Auto 5, developed by Rockstar, is a dominant force in the open-world game industry, with both its single-player story and GTA Online. The game was released in 2013. In recent years, Rockstar has focused most of its effort on the latter, giving its multiplayer component regular upgrades to maintain a steady player base. GTA Online is an addictive sandbox game featuring PvP content and support for both solo and cooperative play, despite its shortcomings and critics. 

In Los Santos, one can accomplish various goals such as going on cruises, buying real estate, or organizing heists with pals. The plot of Grand Theft Auto 5 feels dated now, especially in light of the impending release of the sequel. Though violent, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin's adventure nonetheless succeeds, and all three of the playable characters are fully developed. The fact that GTA 5 is available for PS4 and PS5, even though the changes and upgrades weren't all that great, at least means that it can operate as smoothly as possible on contemporary platforms.