Some Players Of Destiny 2 Believe That The New Lore Could Have Significant Effects On One Enemy Faction


Prithhis Bose


Jun, 20.2024

Recently, a fan of Destiny 2 discovered a narrative within the game's mythology section that alters players' perceptions of the Vex enemy faction. Gamers have been debating whether or not this new information will significantly affect Destiny 2 or the future of the game. Following the release of the most recent addition, The Final Shape, which wrapped up the narrative arc that began with the launch of the initial Destiny game, this lore became known.

The Final Shape experienced a few bugs and problems following debut, which resulted in various other glitchy gameplay features and game crashes. With the release of Destiny 2's update, Bungie resolved these problems and fixed the troublesome campaign missions, Transmigration and Exegesis. Several other game elements, such as weapons, armor, abilities, and other flaws that caused the game to crash, were also fixed in this version.

A gamer going by the moniker MajestycSun has posted lore about the opposing faction Vex on the Destiny 2 subreddit. The post, "Vex are innocent," features an illustration of a narrative about an odd and alone encounter with a funny-moving Vex Hobgoblin. The Vex waves at the person in the story as they prepare to draw their weapon, deterring them from attacking the Hobgoblin. The robotic thing gets even more excited and waves back at the Vex with both arms raised when the person in the lore waves back.

A Fan Of Destiny 2 Shares New Lore Regarding The Vex

Many players of Destiny 2 were interested in this incident. The Vex Hobgoblins were described as having a collective mentality prior to the revelation of this mythology. But according to this new mythology, the Vex are behaving independently and are no longer motivated by the monsters' primary goal of destroying the Guardians and their adversaries. Numerous commenters on the page expressed their sympathy for the Vex in issue due of the lore. Others are making assumptions on the series' future, particularly in light of the resolution provided by Destiny 2's Salvation's Edge Raid.

A commentator speculates that Bungie intends to make lightbearers of other races playable. Since the Vex are extremely unusual beings with emotions and unique personalities, many also found the mythos to be unsettling. A new plot to concentrate on has left some fans' attention shifting to amusing gaming components. A humorous plot hole in the Salvation's Edge Raid has been uncovered by a fan. It concerns the Witness leaving players with random armor in its lair.

Since there isn't a story arc to concentrate on in the game right now, this conversation about the Vex offers new fan theories speculating about its destiny. The Witness in Destiny 2's Salvation's Edge raid has a fascinating storyline even though it's incredibly difficult to defeat because the boss is unable to enact the Final Shape.