The Release Date And New Features For Beyond Good And Evil: 20th Anniversary Edition Have Been Revealed


Prithhis Bose


Jun, 21.2024

The official release date for the Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition is finally set for 25th June, 2024. Fans of Beyond Good and Evil have been anticipating this new remaster with bated breath, and further details were recently revealed at the Limited Run Games Showcase. 

One of Ubisoft's most well-received titles from the critics was Beyond Good and Evil. The game, which debuted in 2003, followed Jade, an investigative journalist on a mission to unearth an extraterrestrial conspiracy. Despite the title's poor sales, it became a cult classic and was remastered in high definition in 2011.

As of right now, Ubisoft and Limited Run Games have confirmed that the new edition of Beyond Good and Evil—which has significant changes over the previous HD edition—will launch on 25th June. Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition boasts various graphical enhancements and may be played in 4K at 60 frames per second for players. This enhanced remaster also includes some quality-of-life enhancements including auto-save, skipable cutscenes, and enhanced controls. A Speedrun Mode, a unique anniversary gallery, and a brand-new treasure hunt that delves into the protagonist's backstory and yields cosmetic rewards are just a few of the new features included in this edition. In addition to the digital version of the game, Limited Run Games is also offering a physical Collector's Edition, which will go on sale on 12th  July and may be pre-ordered.

When Will the 20th Anniversary Edition of Beyond Good and Evil Be Available?

While Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition was not yet officially announced, it was clear that it will be at some point during the Limited Run Games Showcase. Beyond Good and Evil HD was taken off Steam earlier this week. Additionally, hours before the official announcement, Ubisoft disclosed details about the game in a since-deleted tweet.

The upcoming release of the Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition is great news for fans of the series, but many of them are still frustrated by the lack of information about Beyond Good and Evil 2. The Beyond Good and Evil prequel was first shown in 2017 at the now-past E3. Although an insider recently gave fans hope that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still being worked on, given that fans haven't heard anything new about the game in a few years, it's possible that the project is stuck in production. Although there isn't a release date for the prequel just yet, fans can experience the updated 20th Anniversary Edition very soon.