Funny New Way Of Space Travel Found By No Man's Sky Player


Prithhis Bose


Jun, 21.2024

With just a natural gas vent and a well situated couch, one player was able to build a means of traveling beyond the ultimate frontier thanks to a strange No Man's Sky problem. Despite the fact that No Man's Sky has seen a great deal of bugs come and go in the nearly eight years since its release, seasoned players still find odd new issues and ways to take advantage of them.

Despite being commonly regarded as a somewhat glitchy game, especially considering its initial form in 2016, No Man's Sky has undergone a great deal of improvement and corrections in the various patches it has gotten over the years. Even so, No Man's Sky enthusiasts are adept at exploiting these peculiarities, sometimes even going so far as to use them to add new features to their bases. Even still, these very content upgrades and enhancements frequently open the door for new problems for players to find as well.

This is precisely what one creative fan identified online as spaceandstuff_NMS did lately to build a completely new way to travel through space in No Man's Sky without the need for starships. This method, which has been shown in a number of videos that the player has posted on social media, depends on the crystal sulfide gas vents that are present in No Man's Sky's aquatic settings. As a result, in order to replicate the bug, players will need to be on a planet with liquid water. The player will be launched straight upwards when the gas vent bursts, as demonstrated in the video, if they place a couch or chair directly on top of one of these vents and sit in it.

'Space Chair': Unexpected Applications for Players of No Man's Sky

Players will eventually break orbit by doing this because they can move from a planetary surface to space itself with ease. It should come as no surprise that this allows players to break the game in a number of ways, but if players of No Man's Sky arrange up their launch perfectly, they may land on and access their freighters in space. A YouTube video by spaceandstuff_NMS that explains how to reproduce this issue for yourself shows that if done correctly, there's nothing stopping players from propelling themselves to other planets in a star system.

This bug stands out as one of the more bizarre exploits fans have found in the previous few years, despite the many strange and frequently downright amusing flaws players have experienced in No Man's Sky. This is probably a glitch that has been in the game since The Abyss update in 2018, when crystal sulphide vents were added, but the community hasn't spotted it until now.