Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: Player Creates Stunning Bomber and Aircraft Carrier


Prithhis Bose


Jun, 22.2024

A player in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has constructed a striking aircraft carrier that is able to shoot down a bomber from its runway. Many in the community have taken note of this combo construct in Tears of the Kingdom since it not only looks great but also serves a really useful purpose for the player's considerable building talents. 

Although there is a lot to accomplish in Hyrule's wide landscape, fighting deadly enemies is a crucial part of the gameplay. Thankfully, Link has access to a variety of weaponry in the game to defeat these formidable opponents. On the other hand, some players have made the decision to use more inventive strategies to defeat their opponents by building stunning masterpieces. Through the use of the Ultrahand ability in Tears of the Kingdom, players have constructed strong machines made of Zonai gadgets.

In the Hyrule Engineering subreddit, ryt1314059, a gamer, just shared their latest build. It is impressive that the player was able to combine a bomber that could be launched from the landing strip with an operational aircraft carrier. Ryt1314059 demonstrated the potential effectiveness of their combo build in the Reddit video.

Sadness of the Aircraft Carrier and Bomber Combination in the Kingdom Player

As Ryt1314059 and her crew of Bokoblins were maneuvering their aircraft carrier close to a beach, they noticed a Boss Bokoblin. This marked the beginning of the action. The player seized the chance to leap into their bomber, which was waiting for them on the ship's runway, and take off with ease. After that, they maneuvered the agile aircraft in the direction of the enemy group and dropped a payload on them. Most astonishingly, ryt1314059 demonstrated the design's mobility by flying their bomber back to the aircraft ship and making a runway landing.

Many users have upvoted the concept after Hyrule Engineering posted the aircraft carrier and bomber combination. Some have questioned how the bombs were dropped midair. The way this was done, according to ryt1314059, was by attaching bombs to the tips of Zonai rockets in Tears of the Kingdom, so when the rockets on the plane vanished, the bombs would land on their target.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is more than a year old, despite the fact that this may not seem possible. In the short time that players have had to play the game, the community has produced some amazing creations. This new bomber and aircraft carrier is just one example of the numerous inventive devices that gamers have utilized to add their own personal touch to the gameplay. It will be interesting to see what ingenious players like ryt1314059 come up with in the future.