Pokemon Fan Creates A New Spritzee Evolution


Prithhis Bose


Jun, 22.2024

Recently, a creative member of the Pokemon community posted two of their own unique custom designs based on the Spritzee evolutionary line. These designs feature an amazing new evolution as well as a complete redesign of the Pokemon based on different kinds. Even though Spritzee is one of the less well-known Pokemon, fan art like this demonstrates that the community's creative individuals are prepared to show affection for every Pokemon, regardless of its level of popularity.

It's definitely not appropriate to undervalue the inventiveness of ardent Pokemon enthusiasts. Numerous fans of Pokemon have been creating and sharing amazing artwork based on their beloved franchise and its many creatures for 28 years now. Works like intricate hand-crafted products and custom-made Pokemon redesigns have been incredibly popular on social media for many years. If anything, the variety of new Pokemon that have been added in the most recent core series games has only served to excite artists more and more over time, with occurrences like regional varieties and Paradox Pokemon serving as direct inspiration for fan art.

However, Spritzee, a somewhat surprising Pokemon, is the subject of a few adorable drawings that the artist Just-Drawing-Mons just created and uploaded online. This Pokemon and its evolution, which were first included in the Gen 6 Pokemon games and are only directly visible in a few regions, rarely find a spot on players' teams. However, the talented fan who created these designs has made an effort to give the Pokemon new life by redesigning its appearance and switching its type from Fairy to Dark and Poison. The plague doctor style serves as a clear inspiration for this revised design, however it is more evident in the artist's unique evolution of the Pokemon named "Miasmague."

Although the artist does not say so directly, this redesign of Spritzee might be a unique regional variation of the Pokemon. Similar to their regular counterparts, Pokemon with regional varieties have new appearances based on various typings; several of these variants also have distinct evolving forms.