Funny Overwatch 2 Bug Is Making Players Move Away


Prithhis Bose


Jun, 24.2024

Players of Overwatch 2 have uncovered a problem that breaks Lucio's "Dance Party" emote in the most hilarious way conceivable. Instead, the Brazilian hero is forced to adopt the default A-pose. The bug was discovered after the release of the latest season of the game. It should come as no surprise that Lucio mains who have unlocked this extremely rare Overwatch 2 emote are taking advantage of the bug to add to their customary pre-game antics.

Every new Overwatch 2 season will almost certainly unintentionally bring a few new bugs that break different aspects of the game. Occasionally, Overwatch 2 players discover a bug that is so hilarious that they hope it never gets patched at all. In the past, these problems have had some frustrating effects on a wide variety of gameplay mechanics and heroes. Overwatch 2 has many of emote-related bugs, but it's always a good idea to be able to run around a map and A-pose on other players.

With the recent release of Overwatch 2's eleventh season, players have encountered a wide range of problems; nonetheless, a well-known video that user PutoJooj posted online highlights Lucio's malfunctioning emote. Although it's completely unclear why this occurs or what specifically broke this particular emote, Lucio's infrequently used Dance Party emote now just stops working, with Lucio's model merely A-posing when players attempt to use it. The fan surprises a Mei player during a pre-match Skirmish in the video that showcases the bug in action, making for some lighthearted gameplay.

This Overwatch Lucio Emote Is Especially Hard to Find

Although the faulty emote in question is extremely uncommon, reproducing the glitch is actually as easy as pressing a button. The emote is really regarded as one of the rarest in the game because it was first available as an exclusive item in the original Overwatch and has hardly been available since. Nevertheless, even while it's entertaining to watch Lucio players skate around and pose for pictures during games, it will probably not be long until the glitch is fixed.

It's likely that players who are experiencing some of the new problems that have been seen since Season 11—like the widespread performance issues that are affecting PlayStation 5 users—won't have to wait long for a patch because Blizzard has a pretty good track record of fixing the bugs that tend to crop up with the release of each new season. Overall, it appears that Overwatch 2's Season 11 will have a lot of new content and modifications, including as alterations to several tank characters, a second iteration of Cassidy's notorious magnetic grenade, significant changes to a few maps, and much more.