Gamers Of Apex Legends Worried About Future Bloodhound Nerfs


Prithhis Bose


Jun, 25.2024

With the launch of the new collection event, Apex Legends' Bloodhound is being nerfed, and devoted gamers are becoming quite vocal and worried about this particular alteration to one of the game's original legends. Since the early 2019 release of Apex Legends by Electronic Arts (EA), Bloodhound has been a part of the game. Although gamers have speculated that the current revisions may alter this, the recon character has always been a feature of the game's meta.

Characters and weaponry in Apex Legends are known for being drastically altered without any consideration for the meta of the game. To serve as a reminder, Bloodhound has seen a number of adjustments in Apex Legends, including both nerfs and buffs throughout time. But none of the prior modifications were as significant as the one that the Double Take collecting event is proposing. On 25th June, 2024, the new Bloodhound will be available to players at the event's release.

When the Double Take collecting event begins, Bloodhound's Ultimate ability will receive a significant nerf, according to patch notes made public by EA. Bloodhound has been one of the finest characters in Apex Legends, in part because of this nerf, which will prevent the legend from seeing threats through gas or smoke. This implies that opponents won't be highlighted in red when exposed to Caustic's gas or Bangalore's smoke. Many pros and Apex enthusiasts have begun to voice their worries about how this update may disrupt the current meta and possibly make Bloodhound worthless in some circumstances.

Bloodhound Nerfs In Apex Legends May Modify Current Meta And Team Compositions

In addition to nerfing Bloodhound's Ult, EA is also altering the recon legend's set of level upgrades, which is one of the best in Apex Legends. The Ult will recharge more slowly than before as a result of the level 2 improvement, Raven's Blessing, which increased the Ult's charge rate from 25% to 20%. Sighthound and Flock are the two new level 3 upgrades that will take the place of the previous upgrades that improved Bloodhound's Ult and HP with knocks. If the Ult is active, Slighthound will cut Bloodhound's tactical cooldown by half, and Flock will eliminate the White Ravens' range restrictions.

Not only are the impending nerfs bad news for Bloodhound mains, but they're also poor news for allies. This appears to be EA's intention, however these adjustments will undoubtedly alter the strongest Bloodhound-based meta compositions in Apex Legends.

The majority of the Bloodhound's prior Apex upgrades were made to improve their recon skills. It appears that the most recent nerf is having the reverse impact, diminishing Bloodhound's potency as a recon figure. Fans of Apex Legends who are concerned that the nerfs would cause the best recon legend to disappear from the meta should probably hope that EA takes their concerns into consideration and reinstates Bloodhound's Ult's most useful perk.